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05 July 2008 @ 12:56 pm
Resource Directory:

Got some catching up to do? Need inspiration for new ideas? Just want to learn more about your character or someone else's? You're in the right place. Welcome to the Resource Directory for X-Men : Aftermath (the most excellent movie/comic RPG!)

Our resources are divided up by character, a compilation of comic, movie and tv show appearances as well as links to various databases and character information pages.

Character Resources:

- Anole / Victor Borkowski
- Avalanche / Lance Alvers
- Chamber / Jonothan "Jono" Starsmore
- Dazzler / Alison Blaire
- Elixir / Josh Foley
- Hellion / Julian Keller
- Iceman / Bobby Drake
- Magma / Amara Aquilla
- Rogue / Marie Descanto
- Shadowcat / Kitty Pryde
- Storm / Ororo Munroe
- Talon / Laura Kinney
- The White Queen / Emma Frost
- Wither / Kevin Ford
- Wolverine / James "Logan" Howlett

Restricted Characters
- Magneto / Erick Lensherr
- Professor X / Charles Xavier
- Sebastian Shaw / The Black King

Team Resources

- X-Men
- The Brotherhood of Mutants
- The Hellfire Club - Inner Circle

RPG Resources:

- Past AMX Arcs
- XMUTANTHIGH & XINSANITYHIGH -- The precursors of AMX, XMH and XIH began in the fall of 2006 as a movie/comic RPG that picked up where X-3 left off. The fusion of both movie and comic book characters made it a great success with it's small group of limited but dedicated members. Many characters have been carried over from XMH, with some existing history from the preexisting XMH timeline. Each character's profile should cover briefly what they did during the XMH timeline (if that's applicable) but if you're interested in going back and reading some of the old stuff, it's still there. Take a look!

Adding resources:

Are you interested in helping us build up our resources? Know a particularly good comic with one of the characters in it? Get in touch with us!

Our information is collected both by the AMX resource team, character RPers, and other members of the AMX community--that means you! While we work hard to be thorough and provide copious amount of information for you, it's difficult to cover everything. We rely on your help to get everything. If you have information you want to contribute, please leave a comment on this post or email us at amxmoderators @ gmail (dot) com.